Happy Dancing and Buddha Belly Breathing

Meg Tocantins, Hypnotist, Relaxation Suite
My friend, Meg Tocantins, and I were chatting the other day.  Meg is a hypnotist (no kidding!).  She’s terrific (plug alert: www.relaxationsuite.com; she does phone hypnosis, too).  I told her about this blog I was starting called Optimistic Living, and she immediately said, “You know about Matt, right?”
I said, “Matt Smith (I have a friend named Matt Smith, who seems to know everybody)?”
Matt Smith, Knower of Most People

Meg hesitated, and said, “Who’s Matt Smith?”

“He’s a friend of mine who seems to know everybody,” I replied.
She shook her head.  “No; there’s this guy, Matt, who used to live around here in Westport, I think.  He has this blog called, “Where the Hell Is Matt?” He goes all over the world and does this dance.  He did this one dance in 2008, and no kidding, it always makes me feel great when I see it.  If I feel a little down, I watch this and I’m immediately happy.”
So, we Google, “Where The Hell Is Matt.”  I have to say, I have to share this puppy with you.  I actually teared up with happiness.  I looked over at Meg, and she was tearing up as well.  I love people who tear up.  I can trust people who tear up at worldwide happy dancing.
I’m probably the last person to learn about this guy, but maybe not.  I’m optimistic there’s somebody out there who doesn’t know about Matt and needs to see this immediately.
But first, I need to give you a fitness moment.  Stand up right now, open your arms wide in a big “T” and breathe deep, deep, deep through your nose and into your belly.  Give yourself a big, Buddha belly.  Not in your shoulders – breathe into your belly button.  Hold it for just a moment, and exhale in a big deep “whooshhhh.”  If you didn’t do it right the first time, do it again.   
Now sit down and watch this video:
Okay…Now, watch it again, and this time, dance!  Now tell your friends to watch this.  Somehow, I believe watching this will save us all from ourselves.
If you don’t already know, Matt’s blog is, as you might imagine, www.wherethehellismatt.com.

Enjoy the weekend!  I hope this made you smile! And make sure you say “hi” to Matt Smith for me when you see him with his lovely, funny, and extremely smart wife, Sandra!

BTW: Dr. Claire says you need to breathe like that from now on.  Not into your shoulders – into your belly.  Stop trying to hold your naval in.  You have big lungs.  Use them!

About Dr. Claire

CLAIRE FITZPATRICK is a Doctor of Chiropractic in New York City. Her specialty is helping women and men aged 30-55 eliminate signs and symptoms of early aging. She is owner of JOY! Health and Bodyworks, LLC a holistic, integrative network of holistic practitioners who specialize in health issues related to early aging. She is the author of the ebook, "The Nine Essentials of Health: A Must Have Guide for Healthy Living."

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