Alice McDermott’s “Enough,” via Selected Shorts


Alice McDermott

This story is really worth your time to read/listen.  Just enjoy.

From the Selected Shorts website:

Alice McDermott’s luscious “Enough,” is all about embracing the pleasures of life.  Tinti comments:  “I love this story.  Especially coming from a Catholic background, the idea McDermott begins with—about a “good soaking” of dishes and also the soul—to make them clean and Godly, is something I’m very familiar with.  But McDermott turns this concept in a new direction, telling us that to live a good life, a full life, you also need to soak in life’s pleasures—love, sex—and especially (in this tale) ice cream!   Giving “Enough” its full due is Fionnula Flanagan.”

To hear “Enough,” click on the link below and begin the stream at 30:44 minutes.  The first story is good, too; but it’s “Enough” that I would like to share here.  Happy listening!

Selected Shorts: Happy Families?


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