Sabrina Brady Captures Well the Bittersweetness of Homecoming

Sabrina Brady Coming HomeThis is the second time I’m writing a post about my love for the folks at Google.  They never cease to amaze me with the poignancy of their logo substitutions.  This time, I choked down tears for the better part of an hour.

Ms. Brady, a senior now in high school, entered Google’s Doodle 4 Google 2013 contest, the winner of which receives $30,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 technology grant to the student’s school. Not a bad deal at all.

Congratulations, Sabrina.  And thank you. Your depiction of your “Best Day Ever (the theme of the contest)” reminds us all that there is a war going on, and that this country has been at war for 12 years now at great personal cost to our families and friends.  The media rarely talks about it anymore, and rarely brings home the stunning horror of the Orwellian situation in which this country, through its policies, finds itself.

Your picture of running toward your father is especially touching in that, right before you hug each other, you both take a moment to make the reunion real for yourselves.  I am so happy you were able to reunite with your father.  While Ryan Germick of Google, in his May 22 2013 blog post,  rightly praises your “…creative use of the Google letters to illustrate this heartfelt moment,” I am more breathtaken by the openness in which you shared such a universally personal experience, and the brilliant manner in which you simultaneously invoked the elation of the return with the heartbreak of the time apart.

See?  I’m vklempt again!

Thank you, Google; because, even as you frighten me with your monopoleon strategy to corner absolutely every facet of our communications, you manage to keep me human.  How very Disney-like of you.



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CLAIRE FITZPATRICK is a Doctor of Chiropractic in New York City. Her specialty is helping women and men aged 30-55 eliminate signs and symptoms of early aging. She is owner of JOY! Health and Bodyworks, LLC a holistic, integrative network of holistic practitioners who specialize in health issues related to early aging. She is the author of the ebook, "The Nine Essentials of Health: A Must Have Guide for Healthy Living."

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